The Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation was established to promote the betterment of the Village of Whitefish Bay and its residents. In doing so, the Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation is active in the community by supporting and sponsoring community events, projects, and funding organizations that share the same objectives. Our vision is to undertake projects that lessen the burden to Village government and that follow the mission of the organization.

An amount of grant money has been established that may be awarded to individuals, groups or organizations to help fund projects, events or causes that fit the mission of the Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation. In order to qualify for a grant, the applicant will be required to submit an application and demonstrate how the request fits within the mission of the Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation.

Grants are periodically awarded and the specific steps for applying are outlined in the application. Grant requests will be reviewed by the Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation, and in their sole discretion, a decision to approve or deny the request will be made and communicated to the applicant. There is no guarantee that the grant will be fulfilled, and the Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation may request additional information regarding any request for grant dollars.

Click here to Download the Grant application:  Grant application

Past Grant Awards:

Cumberland Tennis Courts
Cahill Baseball Fields
Richard's Athletic Court
Armory Park Memorial
WFB Monuments on Hampton & Santa Monica
WFB Street Banners
Cahill Benches
Cahill Warming House Eagle Scout Project
Community Band
Cumberland Beautification Project
Eagle Scout Project - Buckley Park
Egyptian Festival
Fishing Derby
Historic Medallion Grant
WFB Holiday Stroll on Silver Spring
High School Community Garden
WFB HS Swimming Pool Project
Human Ecology Project
Library Fund
WFB Little Leaugue
Mimi Bird History Collection
Old School House Park Fountain Repair
Opet Festival
WFB HS Post Prom
Rock Climbing Wall - Richards School
Shoreline Interfaith Older Adult Programs
Silver Spring Clock Repair
Speaker for Bay United / Drug Program
SPED Playground Project
WFB HS Stadium Project
Stryker Chairs
Summer Baseball Sectional